To Crew

This is one of the scariest, most exciting things I’ve ever set out to do.

(Thanks Mikael)

I run a small design firm in Bangalore, India that I started out of university. I had interned during and had found a focus on the internet lacking so I went at it myself. When I couldn’t do something I contracted and built a network and realised many of us were doing this separately—the dream was to come together instead, have an inter-dependent agency of freelancers.

Thirteen years later, I went back and forth with this and settled on a core team of five. I built websites from content-driven to transactionalshot photographsmade videosgames, …. What I never got right however, was the freelancer network. I realised I was a maker, not a manager.

At the same time, personally, I find my focus wanting to commit deeply to something singular. The freedom that came with freelancing made way for a desire to build a single product over a long term. We broke ourselves down to two people and we now work with a few early stage startups helping define the product and design UI.

And then there was Crew.

From the freelancer network that’s becoming a co-working space, to the love of side projectsa booka podcast, to Unsplash which inspired us to start Pickle Jar, Crew is the better, more successful version of so much of what I love about the work I do. There’s power in the network and I want to help create the way the economy will work in the future; I just learned I may have to pivot to do it. Within Crew, I could contribute skills to the larger team I couldn’t build and create a space for makers to not have to also be managers. Working with Crew could be the spiritual sequel to my current life and I want in.

Thank you for your six seconds and reading this far. I’m happy to jump on a video call with you, share stories, find common ground and change the world for the better. I live in Washington, DC, so yeay timezone compatability!

I believe I am very well suited to really contribute to things at Crew. (Thanks Andrea)

PS. In the spirit of building in the open, I’m currently building a dynamic CSS stylesheet using a palette generated from Unsplash images. I’ve got colours going, the next step is establishing a type hierarchy and margins and laying the thing out. On to more dishwashing.