The Random Lines

Web design consultancy

The Random Lines is two people smack in the middle of technology and its users—Ashim D’Silva is a designer and front-end developer with an engineer’s brain who builds web technology focused at users, and Gaurav Vaz is a mix-master and serial tech evangelist with a focus on market viability who specialises in focusing ideas at the technology than can bring it to life.

We love working with interesting businesses to build solutions to everyday problems that make running a business smoother. We have helped businesses tell their stories, flesh-out and prototype ideas, improve interfaces and users’ experience, construct content frameworks for blogs, and even built finished websites and apps.

In over fifteen years of working on the web, we have been through a range of technology stacks, worked with people with different specialities and had to adapt to varied requirements. We build our HTML+CSS on Zurb’s Foundation and our admin on WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields; this gives us the freedom to build everything from multi-author blogs to travel sites to online stores.

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