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Young Feminist Wire

AWID Women’s Rights

The Young Feminist Wire is an online magazine with contributions from women around the world.

This online platform was created in March 2010 by the Young Feminist Activism (YFA) program at the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID). The Young Feminist Wire is an online community for and by young feminists working on women’s human rights, gender equality and social justice around the world.

Redesigning the YFA

This site was already functioning well and needed a overhaul both visually and structurally. Working with existing content meant we had a lot of legacy planning to take into account. The benefit though, was that we were working with real content from the very beginning. Everything is designed specifically for the way the content is created, and we have built in enough tools to allow even more detail to be embedded in posts to come.

The site is now far more lively, easier to read, and presents the myriad different areas of the site is manner that encourages exploration.


The magazine is also available in French and Spanish, which meant allowing editors to mark articles as translations but presenting each language to the end user as a complete site.

AWID Women’s Rights
September 2014
Toronto, Canada
Design and development