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Toit Brew Pub

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Toit is on a mission to create a beer revolution and that’s why their brewery is passionately involved in crafting perfect, award winning brews.

Over the three years that they’ve been around, Toit has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity and has become the go-to place for anyone in the city looking to get a drink and have a good time. The great thing about Toit is that their high standards are reflected in everything they do, so it’s not just the beers that bring people there. They’re just as passionate about their food and that’s why you’ll always find the place packed with beer and food lovers alike. They’ve  essentially set a whole new standard for brewpubs in a city that is home to a much loved and cherished pub culture.

The Design

We designed a site that caters to the quintessential beer lover’s needs, a site where they could spend time getting as much information as they would desire about their favourite brew, with a dedicated section breaking down every aspect of the beer, and then some. Being our favourite brewpub, we worked everything we love about the place into the design and content. And that’s why you’ll see that this site is made for enthusiasts like us, from around the world looking to learn just that little bit more about the kind of culture Toit promotes and also be up-to-date about everything beer related through an actively updated blog.

Among other things, we streamlined the website and reduced bandwidth usage on the Toit server by 80% with their new site while increasing the time spent per user on their site and average number of pages read per visit.

The Blog

Toit’s focus for their blog was clear—great reading material. The goals weren’t driven to increase sales or force growth, but to give their biggest fans content they would love. We planned out categories for articles, constructing a schedule for creation and release and then got to writing.

The blog is handled entirely by Mana Santhanam who does interviews, shoots new menus and specials and writes articles on beer culture, history, and brewing. It has now become a rich collection of great content for Toit.

PH4 Food & Beverage
Bangalore, India
July 2013
Conception, writing, design, development and photography
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