Screenshot of Ready to Report by The Random Lines

Ready to Report

Amnesty International

Amnesty International launched Ready To Report to help provide detailed instructions on filing an FIR for sex crimes in India.

The site serves as a starting point for a victim or companion seeking justice in a system not easily conducive to the process. Reporting a crime in India can be fraught with confusing bureaucracy and seemingly unnecessary paperwork, so this one page site tries to break it down into carefully explained steps. Changing the process is a much needed long term effect, but the first step is to use existing systems that can be intimidating if not understood.

We worked with Amnesty to understand the process, plan and write out the page, shoot images/video at the police stations we worked with and then finally design and develop the site.

The site is all about the content and uses scrolling to divide sections and highlight important areas. The final piece is a profile picture designed to be intriguing at a small size and show the disparity between sex crimes and the rate at which they are reported: 1 in a 100.

Amnesty International
November 2014
Bangalore, India
Writing, design, development and photography