Screenshot of Pickle Jar by The Random Lines

Pickle Jar

The Random Lines

As designers, the search for great stock is always long. Whether for image placeholders for tone, inspiration for palettes and textures, or images for blog posts or brochures, photographs are a great resource and for clients on a budget, also sometimes out of reach.

There’s been a rapid growth of image libraries recently that attempt to rectify this, and we love Unsplash for getting everyone started and embracing openness. At the same time however, we continually found India lacking representation. This is not only a problem of content, but also of the tonal qualities of a region.

Being photographers and friends of photographers ourselves, lovers of open source, and with a bolder agenda of putting more images of an India we recognize, we started Pickle Jar with 15 photographers and a new photograph every day.

If over time, results for ‘india’ on an image search engine are a more diverse than the Taj Mahal, villages and festivals, we will be proud of having contributed. If you have a project and need Indian images, start here.

The Random Lines
October 2015