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Creating a space for mental health counselling which is lacking support and often taboo in India—online software to provide privacy, booking appointments, online chat and phone call sessions.

HealthEMinds powers a network of in-house and consultant counsellors with experience in a variety of mental health areas. They wanted to bring their experience online, to widen their availability and make counselling easy to approach. Because their target is long-term management rather than acute distress, the focus of the site is on engaging with people in a comfortable environment and an everyday medium.

Services can be booked through the dashboard, and sessions can be conducted over a phone call, or directly on the site over a text chat—no download, no excess software. We designed and built the front-facing website on WordPress, and worked with SANIsoft for the development of the chat backend and booking system.

June 2016
Product development, UX and UI design, HTML & CSS, Wordpress
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