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Goyal & Co

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Goyal and Co. prides itself for the homes they build, and they build some fantastic homes.

While Goyal and Co. are a name to be reckoned with in Gujarat, their primary market, they were relatively unknown when they entered the Bangalore real estate market. They wanted a website that showed off their homes in great detail and at the same time also built trust and confidence in customers about their pedigree.

Design & Solution

We designed this site from the ground up in HTML, and ensured that it was responsive right from the start. We knew all along that the site was going to have a LOT of detail in content, especially interactive content that people could use to really explore their projects. We built some really cool interactive sections on the site, for example the zoomable floor plans, bobbles on the floor and site plans that highlight various things of interest and even an interactive site map that details each plot available in the project and some details about it: See Orchid Nirvana


This site is powered by WordPress, which houses all the content and we customized it to be very simple for adding new content. With the use of the amazing ‘Advanced Custom Fields’ plugin for WordPress, we were able to create a simple, logical backend dashboard that makes adding new content simple and intuitive.

Some parts of the website required us to build HTML pages outside of WordPress with specific functionality while still integrating it with WordPress for maintenance and the rest.

Lazaro Advertising
July 2013
Design and development
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