Screenshot of Goyal Alanoville by The Random Lines

Goyal Alanoville

Lazaro Advertising

Each of Goyal’s projects is handled uniquely, and the website is a showcase of that attention to detail.

Each project has its own customised page that draws from the Goyal site framework we originally built. Nirvana, Footprints and Lakeview all use the same basic structure, but have their own specific sections where required. Alanoville however, required a completely separate build. Only 75 units in a very private space.

The Alanoville site features the great design work of Lazaro Advertising, lots of large imagery and gorgeous illustrations of the plans. Each section has little bits of interactivity where required reading the whole piece as a three section brochure.


The centre page allows a viewer to select their choice of villa, opening up detailed drawings and floorplans, specifications, and a map of the entire community showing the plots available and their distinct features.

The site is covered in gorgeous 3D renders as well, but don’t miss the interactive panorama on the amenities page: CSS 3D transforms put a lot of new power in web browsers without requiring full blown webGL.

Lazaro Advertising
November 2014
Bangalore, India
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