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Apartment selection, customisation and pricing

Dasta Concerto

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Dasta is a new builder in Bangalore and they are fiercely differentiating themselves with high quality finishing, transparency around construction and very public pricing and delivery dates.

Where most builders shy from making traceable promises, Dasta chose to put a countdown at the heart of every page. In an industry that makes you meet a sales executive before secretly handing you a pricing breakdown, Dasta wanted to allow a rich customisation on their website that resulted in a PDF specific to you.

The site

The three main pages of the Dasta site cover the building and its surroundings, the apartment and details within, and details on the construction. Everything is explained carefully and with rich imagery. Every section of this site has been designed to fit perfectly and it allowed fine control over the design.

Responsive build

With that much imagery, making the site responsive was a significant challenge. The site initially loads completely bare creating space for images, and the right size of image is then loaded via javascript for the quickest load even over mobile connections. Some images (like the map on page one), are even specifically designed for the mobile size to allow more comfortable reading.

The pricing page

The heart of the site is the pricing page though. Here a user is taken through choosing an apartment, down the the flat number and then customising it to their preferences. After this a PDF is generated and emailed to them and a sales executive is notified of the interest. The in-built CRM then allows the executive to follow through on the lead all the way till marking the unit as sold, at which point it no longer is available on the site.

The result comes from the great collaboration and design work from Lazaro Advertising.

Lazaro Advertising
May 2014
Bangalore, India
Development and custom CRM
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