Screenshot of Adappt by The Random Lines
Document selection and customisation


Reva Institute

Designed off an internal tool for branding imagery, Adappt is a huge leap in brand consistency for a decentralized organization like Reva University.

Lazaro Advertising developed an identity refresh for Reva, and came to us to build a tool that would set up templates for the university to use, reducing the requirement for professional intervention, software and font files when creating new collateral. We created templates for various certificates, ID cards for staff and students, corporate stationary, …, and built an internal tool so anyone could generate ready-to-print PDFs of each quickly and easily. The stationary is customized with names and other individual information and different logos for each school. ID cards can even be generated in large quantities using CSV exports from their database.

The system also features a password-free approval workflow so there isn’t a burden on maintaining a rarely used account for department heads across the many schools.

Reva Institute
Lazaro Advertising
November 2013
Conception, design and development